VCAS hosted students from KASK and the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna for Phase 2 (one day workshop) of an interdisciplinary project.

tech+ART project KASK & Technikum

Hendrik Leper - course leader Media arts, KASK, Ghent, Belgium.

Patrick Loan external lecturer University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna, Austria organised and facilitated the project.

an interdisciplinary tech and art project in 2 phases

Phase 2 - at the VCAS studio in WEST, Vienna

"The creative process is an end in itself; it is a performance, an improvisation, a journey into the unknown." - George Maciunas

Do we care how we get the result (e.g. using AI to produce music), as long as the outcome is what we want? This stream, for us, represents a unique opportunity to invite participants to observe, reflect and re-imagine the possibilities, good or bad, of pursuit without a goal. We aim to bring together a diverse community of artists, academics, theorists, and writers for transformative discussions and innovative thinking that can help precipitate developments across the realms of art, academia, and beyond.

Phase 1 - November 2023

Participating presenters:

Panel 1: ‘Productivity, creation and digital technologies’ Sun Park, Ziegi Boss, Avantika Tewari

Panel 2: 'Electronic philosophies and molecular processes’ Georgia Perkins, Andrew Milward, Anthony Kroytor

Panel 3: ‘Manifesting processes’ Melina Steiner, Grace Jackson, Oliver Cloke

Panel 4: ‘Processing drawing’ Holly Mills, Carali McCall, Q_plus_I (Questioner plus Instructor)

Phase 1 - Zoom and in-person at Ghent

Click on the button below for the conference programme with abstracts from all the presenters:

Drawings on MIRO Board

Within the realm of contemporary art and intellectual discourse, the exploration of the creative process as an aim in and of itself has gained significant momentum in recent years. This interest reflects the broader societal tensions between economic productivity and output, and the fundamental meaning found within the endeavours themselves. Our central objective for this stream was to challenge the value of outcome over process, and explore the implications of elevating the act of creation itself above any tangible end result. How might this shift in perspective impact artistic practice, intellectual inquiry, and our broader cultural landscape?

Holly Mills - collaborative drawing

Anthony Kroytor

Holly Mills - collaborative drawing

Phase 2 - March 2024

Holly Mills - collaborative drawing

Holly Mills - collaborative drawing

Conference Publication:

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