Group Exhibition: Public | Private

Group exhibition for artists with studios at WEST / Alte WU for the upcoming Open Studio Weekend on June 16 – 17th, 2023

Exhibition Dates:

June 16 – 17th, 2023

Application Deadline:

May 5th, 2023


VCAS, with the support of WEST Space, is organizing a group exhibition for artists who have their studios in the Alte WU / West Space building. The exhibition will be curated by Abby Brown, an artist with her studio in WEST and the president of VCAS. It will take place during the WEST Open Studio Weekend on June 16-17th, 2023, which has the theme "IN/BETWEEN: People, Spaces & Uses".

The exhibition is based around a central concept, “Public | Private”, and all artists in the building are invited to apply through the Open Call. We aim to be inclusive of visual artists from all backgrounds and working with all materials, formats and processes. While artworks with a strong conceptual basis are especially encouraged, the processes and materials used could include, but are not limited to, installation, video, performance, digital art, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.. With this exhibition, we aim to showcase the broad range of practices and approaches used by artists at WEST, yet at the same time present a cohesive exhibition around a central theme.

In the case that there are more artwork submission than we are able to accommodate in the available space, the board members of VCAS will act as the jury to select which artworks will be accepted and fit most cohesively with the theme and format of the exhibition.

Concept: Public | Private

The investigation of “Public | Private” raises questions about the boundaries between what is public and what is private, how these boundaries may shift over time and the impact of this on individuals and society. Artists may choose to explore the spaces where public and private meet, conflict and/or blur together. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for artists to consider how this impacts our daily lives, work environments, interactions with technology, mental health, politics, identities and relationships. By showcasing a diversity of perspectives and approaches, this exhibition aims to stimulate dialogue and spark new ideas about the ways in which public and private spaces shape our lives.

Artists are invited to:

  • consider the role of physical spaces in our lives. This could include public spaces such as parks, streets, and plazas, as well as private spaces such as homes, offices, and bedrooms. How do these spaces shape our experiences, relationships, and identities? How do they influence our sense of safety, belonging, and privacy?

  • reflect on the implications of virtual spaces and technology, such as social media platforms, remote working from home, and data collection. For example, social media and other online platforms have created new virtual spaces for public discourse and communication, and remote working from home has affected how we navigate our work/life balance and the distinction between home and office. How has technology blurred the lines between public and private information and work and personal time? How do these technologies affect our work, our privacy, our relationships, our mental health, and our political engagement?

  • reflect on the social and political implications of the boundaries between public and private. How do they reflect power dynamics and inequalities in our society and can they be used to promote positive social change? Do they affect the ways in which we relate to and view one another, do these spaces cause division and can they promote understanding and solidarity?


  • Finally, the theme of "Public | Private" is intentionally open-ended, in order to encourage a wide range of interpretations and approaches. Artists are invited to explore this theme using any material, format, or process that they see fit, and to take risks and experiment with new ideas.

Deadline for submissions is May 5th, 2023.


Read the information on this page about the conditions and setup of the residency and exhibition

Application documents:

  • Letter of intent (200-600 words)​

  • Relevant artist statement, CV, and/or biography

  • Portfolio

Up to 10 images of artwork​ and/or max 10 minutes of video, or equivalent links to websites, videos or projects.

  • File types: Submissions should be in .jpeg, .png, .mp4, or pdf format and must not exceed 200MB in size. For any larger files, please provide a link to view the content online.​

Applications can be submitted in English and German

Deadline and notification:

The deadline for submissions is January 20th, 2024.


This Open Call is exclusively for artists who have their studios in WEST Space, Alte WU at Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna.

VCAS is committed to inclusivity and accessibility in all aspects of the exhibition, including the selection process, and encourages artists from all backgrounds to apply and get in touch if they have any accessibility concerns.

Expectations of the selected artists​:

Artists whose work is included in the exhibition would also be asked to contribute toward the group effort of arranging this exhibition, as those in VCAS involved in this project have limited time and resources. Artists will be expected to:

  • Handle the installation and deinstallation of their own artwork in the days immediately before and after the Open Studio Weekend, and provide their own equipment (including installation materials such as pedestals, video screens, speakers, hanging screws, etc.).

  • Help with a small logistical task, such as setting up lighting, arranging labels and other printed material or help coordinate the opening reception.

  • Also to be in the space to watch the artwork and equipment for part of the exhibition time (the time would be divided between all participating artists).

Contact Person:

If you have any inquiries, contact Abby Brown, the curator and exhibition manager, at the VCAS email address

Open Call:

WEST Open Studio Weekend


Curator: Abby Brown

Curatorial Assistance: Melina Steiner

Jury: The jury will consist of the VCAS Board Members: Abby Brown, Anthony Kroytor, Patrick Loan and Paige Tuhey.