Group Art Exhibition

​Part of the WEST Open Weekend,
IN/BETWEEN: People, Spaces & Uses
A juried group art exhibition exploring the theme of Public | Private.
Vernissage: June 16th, 6pm
Opening Dates: June 16-17th, 2023

The investigation of “Public | Private” raises questions about the boundaries between what is public and what is private, how these boundaries may shift over time and areas where the public and private conflict or overlap. Through this lens, the exhibition delves into complex relationships between spaces, work and domestic environments, mental health, politics and identities. By showcasing a variety of perspectives and approaches, this exhibition aims to stimulate dialogue and explore the ways in which public and private spaces impact individuals and society.


Public | Private features the work of artists who have their studios in the WEST / Alte WU building in the 9th district of Vienna.

WEST occupies the former Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Business and Economics) building. This has become a creative hub within the 9th district as many artists have made it their home since the university moved out, making the most of the time before redevelopment is scheduled to take place in 2026.

Public | Private

Participating Artists: Anne Glassner, Anthony Kroytor, Gabriel Hyden, (I) Instructor, Judith Stehlik​, Lisa Großkopf, Marlene Heidinger, Melina Steiner, Mueller&Schwind, Oliver Cloke, Q_plus_I, Ziegi Boss

Curator: Ziegi Boss

Assistant Curator: Melina Steiner

Jury: Anthony Kroytor, Oliver Cloke, Paige Tuey, Patrick Loan, Ziegi Boss

Special thanks to:

Bezirksvertretung Alsergrund for sponsoring the event

WEST for hosting the Open Weekend and providing the exhibition space

Melina Steiner, In Limbo, Digital Prints, 2023

(I) Instructor, Touch my thighs, feel my Calves, Live Performance

Exhibition Publication

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