Group Exhibition: We can't afford (not) to be artists

VCAS - Vienna Contemporary Art Space, is offering an artist in residence for two artists resulting in a group exhibition together with 5-6 VCAS artists in February 2024.


Residency from February 11th - March 2nd, 2024

Group Exhibition February 29th - March 2nd, 2024

Application Deadline:

January 20th, 2024


The residency will begin around February 11th and the artists in residence will be given access to the studio work area and meet with the 5 or 6 core VCAS member artists who are also participating in the group exhibition. During the residency, projects will be developed, with continued discussion and potential collaboration between all the artists. During this time, VCAS artists will also introduce visiting artists in residence to Vienna and the local art scene. The program aims to foster cultural exchange between artists from different disciplines, create a dialogue and promote possible collaboration.

At the end of the residency studio time, artist will be given the opportunity to show the final work in a group exhibition, titled "We can't afford (not) to be artists", together with the VCAS artists.

Some flexibility in the timeline may be possible for artists interested in applying who have scheduling constraints.

Fees and support:

Depending on the outcome of funding, we are able to provide the studio space for the Artists-in-Residence for the duration of the residency, and arrange and curate the group exhibition at the end of the Residency.

In the case that we are not able to get funding, selected artists will have the option to either send work for inclusion in the group show without the residency stay, or self-fund the residency for a fee of € 350 to pay VCAS to cover the studio costs.

Artists must self-fund travel and living expenses, as well as material costs. There is a possibility to assist in finding accommodation, a separate apartment or room in a shared apartment depending on availability. We encourage artists to apply for a grant from their national funding bodies to cover their stay more easily. We can send you an invitation letter for that purpose.


Read the information on this page about the conditions and setup of the residency and exhibition

Application documents:

  • Letter of intent (200-600 words)​

  • Relevant artist statement, CV, and/or biography

  • Portfolio

Up to 10 images of artwork​ and/or max 10 minutes of video, or equivalent links to websites, videos or projects.

  • File types: Submissions should be in .jpeg, .png, .mp4, or pdf format and must not exceed 200MB in size. For any larger files, please provide a link to view the content online.​

Applications can be submitted in English and German

Deadline and notification:

The deadline for submissions is January 20th, 2024.


This Open Call is for visual artists working in all mediums, who are available to come to Vienna, Austria for the residency in February 2024. We welcome all artistic disciplines and there is no application fee. Some flexibility in the timeline may be possible for artists interested in applying who have scheduling constraints (please inform us in your application).

VCAS is committed to inclusivity and accessibility in all aspects of the residency and exhibition, including the selection process, and encourages artists from all backgrounds to apply, and to please get in touch if they have any accessibility concerns.


If you have any inquiries, contact the VCAS team by email at:

Open call for Artist Residency February 2024

Concept theme for the Residency / Group Exhibition:

In an age of relentless productivity, our lives are dictated by the demand to produce, optimize, and contribute in the economic arena. This pervasive ideology has woven itself into the very fabric of our existence. It has shaped our values, our self-worth, and our collective aspirations. However, beneath the surface of this paradigm, we find a troubling omission—an erasure of activities and values that do not conform to an economic efficiency framework. This pervasive cultural mindset blinds us to the profound consequences of its narrow focus. In this exhibition we ask ourselves: What is sacrificed on the altar of perpetual productivity?